This picture book by Mo Williams was awarded a Caldecott Honor in 2005.

The word Knuffle is Dutch and actually means, snuggle. The correct way to  say Knuffle is with a hard “k” sound like in knock. However, I am not sure that it  really matters which way you say “Knuffle Bunny.The combination of the black  and white photography background with the cartoon characters provides a stunning effect for the illustrations in the book.  This story is about the strong attachment a toddler, Trixie, has with her first friend, a stuffed bunny, Knuffle Bunny, and the extreme measures she must take when the bunny is lost. I find that children who are just learning the importance of using their words really relate to this story. You will laugh out loud as you read this with your child because Trixie gives her dad a tough time when she realizes she has lost her bunny. When they finally arrive home,  mom immediately rescues dad and decodes Trixie’s behavior. At this point, your child will be completely drawn into the story. Finally, when the bunny is found and Trixie says her first words, they will be saying, “Knuffle Bunny” with you as you read.This is a story that your child can help you read and can easily jump off the page and become their own play.

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Reading Connection


  1. Enjoy the illustrations by carefully exploring each page
  2. Talk about the illustrations and together with your child make predictions about what might be happening


  1. Stop while reading talk about words that might need to be anchored in your child’s vocabulary. Some words and phrases might be
    1. Before she could speak
    2. Errand
    3. Laundromat
    4. Realized
    5. Have fun with Trixie’s words by changing your voice and having your child say her words with you.
    6. Stop occasionally and check to see if your predictions were correct and make new ones.
    7. When reading again, stop and the same place and your child can say the next words.


  1. Talk about how happy Trixie had to feel when dad found her bunny.
  2. Connect this to one of your child’s favorite stuffed animals
  3. Acting out this story is lots of fun.