This  platform started Harry Potter’s adventures and JK Rowlings life  as an author. I love these books for a variety of reasons. First, these stories  enticed students to want to read and they did!  It was amazing to be teaching  during this time. Then came the movies and the students for the first time  really had an opinion about which was better the movie or the book!!!   Most  of my students were amazed that they actually enjoyed the book better than the movies. What a change!!Another reason that I liked the books was the broad range of interest that the stories reached. You had as many adults reading this series as students. Parents and their children discussing the stories. YEA!


Now, because of their popularity many younger readers want to read this series, and immediately become frustrated. Their frustration stems from the fact that they need to hold a lot of information in their heads, there are more descriptive words, and the print is smaller with less white space.  However,I think this series would make an excellent read aloud. By reading it aloud, you can model how good readers hold information  and make connections from what they are reading to their life.

First watch the movie. Then I would  make a special Harry Potter notebook with three sections.

1. Make a section labeled  characters

2. Make a section  labeled special words

3. Make a section labeled  important clues

When reading the story, stop and help your child visualize each character. After reading take a few minutes to write words to describe the characters you read about. Then if your child wants they can draw or pull an image off the computer.  Also, select  two or three “amazing”  words and write the page number where you found the word. Then try to use that word in your daily conversation. Finally, together with your child write down anything that you feel is an extremely important clue and make a prediction on what you think will happen next.

One parent only watched the movie in sections and read to that section before watching another part of the movie. This has become the pattern for their read alouds and seems to be very successful.

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