Bad Kitty Gets A Bath,by Nick Bruel is a high interest, how to, chapter book that will grab the interest of all the young readers. This comical story of how to give your cat a bath is filled with science facts and details that are quite impressive. I like the way the author plays with different fonts and sizes to help the reader understand the emotions of the kitty. My favorite pages are when the kitty is running up the stairs to escape her bath, and then after her bath when she is dry!!! It doesn’t matter how many times you read this book, or whether you have a cat, you will find yourself laughing out loud.

I highly recommend this book for any reader in grades 1-3. This is a book that the students will read over and over and always end up with lots of laughter. Plus you can expand this by learning about your tongue and have a tasting with sweet, sour, and salty foods. Oh what fun!

The picture book, Bad Kitty, by Nick Bruel, is a laugh out loud funny book that takes you  through the alphabet three times with Bad Kitty. In the beginning Kitty was a sweet kitty sleeping peacefully on the rug until she hears that there is no cat food, and she was going to have to eat some healthy and delicious food. Kitty’s ears immediately perk up and from that moment on the hilarious adventure begins.

DON’T do a picture walk with this book because it would spoil the last page. It is the BEST!!  . This story is one that I am asked to read over and over!! It would make a wonderful gift for any child ages 3-8.