The Backyard Sports series is perfect for the young reader, in grades 1-3, that love sports. The Backyard  Sports kids love to play games after school and usually take the games very seriously. However, with each book the friends always face some type of problem. These problems and situations are ones that the reader can relate to in their life, whether it is on the soccer field, basketball court, football field, or while skate boarding. Each book follows the same pattern, and I like the way that these issues are always solved. Making friends and learning how to be a team player is a big part of what students in grades 1-3 are learning to do on a daily basis. I like the way the stories approach and solve these problems. I also think that they provide a springboard for a conversation with an adult about these issues. Backyard Sports tie together sports and how to be a team member very nicely. These are the titles that I have enjoyed.