Mouse was Madby Linda Urban and Henry Cole is  a must have book if your young person is working on learning how to control their emotions ages 3-8!! This story is not only adorable but describes a child’s meltdown perfectly. The illustrations are wonderful and make the  writer’s point in a way that will have you laughing though the entire story. In this story mouse, is having a complete meltdown and all his forest friends try to help him. They each share  how they are able to control their emotions. Mouse tries all of their suggestions, none are successful, and he always falls into a mud puddle which just makes him madder. In the end, mouse learns that for him just by breathing slowing and by being very still he can  control his anger.  He also learns that after breathing slowly he is no longer angry, and he feels much better. All of his forest friends are amazed.

This is the best story I have found to help a child begin to understand how to manager their emotions. Enjoy my new find. Click on the title to pick up your copy at Amazon.