This book is about Percy Jackson,  his discovery, and his adventures with the mythological world and their monsters. Many times students in the 5th or 6th grade study mythology which makes this a perfect book choice for them. This story has been made into a movie, and as usual, I feel the book is much better. However, when I read  Rick Riordan had joined with Disney to create,  Lightening Thief, into a comic book, I was excited. As you can see this just hit the shelves in Oct. and it is fantastic!!  The illustrations just jump off the pages, and I found myself drawn once again into this story.  It will be a perfect gift for any student that has read and enjoyed this series. Plus, I think it will be a big hook for the struggling student that is ages 9 and up.  I also think this comic could be a great way for a 3rd or 4th grader to be introduced to mythology. I plan to give the parents the original book, Lightening Thief and the 8yr. old the comic. The parent can read the book and then they can have a deeper discussion about the story, mythology !! Click on the title to put up your copy at Amazon. Click here for a preview of the comic.