The Heroes of Olympus, The Lost Hero, by Rick Riordan hit the shelves in October and is already listed on the best sellers list. In fact, I think this is his best book !!!  This new series introduces three new characters that I think teenagers will understand and relate to immediately. Plus this time , I learned new facts about Greek mythology, and I enjoyed the Roman mythology that he explored. The story takes off quickly with Percy missing and our new characters, Jason, Piper, and Leo battling the mythological monsters and Gods. Even if you have not read any other Percy Jackson books, you can begin with this book. The only problem now is that the next book is not due out for a year!  This book is suited  for middle to high school and yes even adults.

The Search for Wondla by Tony DiTerlizzi hit the shelves in September. This is a  science fiction story that could be a cross between The Wizard of Ox and Star Wars and one that girls will enjoy more than boys. The first couple of chapters are a little slow, but don’t give up because the story does start to move and very well written. Eva Nine is the main character and has been raised underground her whole life. She has been cared for by a motherly robot and has dreamed about going to the top and being outside. Then one day they are attacked and everything is burned. The story is mainly about how they learn to survive above ground the fear, the wonder, and of course the parenting style of the robot is different from the humans. Two of my favorite parts were when she saw the sun for the first time. She curled up into a ball and was terrified that it was going to burn her–as a reader you could feel her fear. Then the second part was when she saw the night sky. There was so much wonder about the world at that point. Enjoy her journey and this “girly” new science fiction story. Just click on the title to pick up your copy at Amazon.